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Kali Workshop

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Do you want to get in touch with radical Goddess in you?

Join our interactive workshop


Have you ever felt?

A primordial, maternal rage, building up inside you? An unapologetic, embodied hiss you can barely contain? Its force burning brighter and brighter each day. Wanting to lash out with vengeance against the injustices of our "western" realty.

A whisper, dark, ancient and coarse, demanding to be heard. Demanding change. Demanding justice. Demanding to break through the invisibly de-humanizing and methodically crushing ceiling of privilege. 

But who can teach you how to become a mouthpiece of such un lady-like revelations? 

You're not alone

A lot of women have been feeling this overwhelming yearning for global change, yet need powerful role-models to look up to. 

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Basking in the Subversive Power of the Divine Feminine 

Join Madame Nadia, an initiated practitioner and a devotee of the Fierce Goddess Kali for 15 years, for an immersion in the mythology, history, and symbolism of the Goddess Kali. 

You will also learn some essential invocation techniques, including Her Mantra, for safely approaching this primordial and unapologetic, feminine force par excellence. 

At the Feet of the Dark Mother is a workshop designed for you to start your journey to discovering the goddess Kali.

What's Inside






Recorded Videos, accessible anytime for you to view and re-view at any time.


Plus Bonus Resource: Kali's Mantra, Yantra, and a list of offerings with which to approach the Divine Mother, created exclusively for participants. 


Here Is Exactly What You'll Learn


  • The Goddess' mythology and origin story

  • Kali's central roll in Shakta Tantra

  • The historical and socio-political background, from which the Dark Mother has emerged

  • Why Kali is subversive to patriarchal ideology

  • Value the necessity for the Radical, Feminine Devine in our culture

  • Techniques to appropriately approaching this Fierce Goddess in ritual

What are people saying:

A powerful introduction to the Goddess Kali with a beautifully produced slideshow to keep in pdf format for future reference.
I really liked how this lesson didn’t shy away from the more challenging aspects of the culture and her worship which gave context and understanding to these aspects.
Most importantly for me, I appreciated the simple examples of devotions for a modern approach.
— Maysun Talmor
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Connect with your inner Kali now!